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Ann Freer Caroll headshot

Chez Ann means house of Ann, I like to have a personal touch with people. Like you are in my home.


Along with being a hair guru, Ann is a loving wife to her husband Mike, mother to her children Jonathan, his fiancé Esme, and her daughter Taylor, a wine connoisseur and a breast cancer survivor.

Ann knew she wanted to become a hairstylist and own her own salon at the young age of 14. She began Chez Ann Salon in 1985 in a quaint 700 square foot spot, a growing clientele, and a tremendous dream for success.

Today, her huge dream is a successful reality with 48 employees, and a devoted clientele that Ann refers to as “friends.”

We asked our clients and staff what Chez Ann Salon means to them, and they responded with: “family, home, and trust, to make me look and feel my most beautiful self” That is exactly what Ann intended Chez Ann to mean when she opened her doors in 1985.